AEGIS Microbe Shield®


Manage Mold, Fungus and Bacteria 

Source: Strathcona Ventures

Having horses means having cleaning jobs. And the more you do, the more you realize how much needs to be done. With time always at a premium, it’s easy to get so focused on riding and training that cleaning jobs come a distant second until a stale, unpleasant odor catches your attention.

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Stalls, floors, dividers, waterers, dark corners in the tack room, feed room and trailer, the water heater and fridge, troughs, buckets, and garbage cans harbour the growth of mold, bacteria, fungi, algae, yeast, and consequently odor. All these microbials create a less-than-healthy environment for you and your horse.

Cleaning with soap and water is always the first line of attack but the most effective, long-lasting approach is the use of a shield to treat the surfaces and make them completely inhospitable to microorganisms. 

AEGIS Microbe Shield®  is an antimicrobial shield that makes surfaces virtually fatal to organisms by physically puncturing the cell membranes of the organisms that come into contact with it. They can’t live in a treated area and they can’t adapt. The shield can be used on all surfaces and substrates and it remains active as long as the surface remains intact and does not become compromised by cracks, scrapes or breaks. In that case an annual re-application is necessary. The shield is effective at germ reduction for up to three years.

All this happens because, at the microscopic level, AEGIS Microbe Shield® is like a destructive bed of nails, tiny spikes drawing in the organisms and fatally rupturing them. Recovery and adaptation are not options. The unique nature of the product means that it is neither a chemical nor a toxin but an actual physical structure, which is what makes it so unique and so effective against microorganisms. 

It works on all surfaces where mold and mildew grow including wood, rubber, metal, glass, and masonry, and on all leather items such as boots, tack, and harness, as well as helmets, wraps, and bandages. 

In 2013, Health Canada approved AEGIS as a surface protectant. It meets biosecurity protocols and is widely used in boarding and show barns, commercial livestock farms, kennels, veterinary clinics, and hospitals. 

For more information, visit Strathcona Ventures.

AEGIS Microbe Shield®
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