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How to Relieve Your New Horse’s Stress and Build Trust and Confidence. Q - I recently adopted a horse from the racetrack. She is kind, but nervous and gets really anxious when taken out of her paddock.

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Malnourished and poorly cared for horses can be found even in countries of relative wealth such as Canada and the United States. In fact, the problem of neglected horses in these countries has worsened in recent years and reflects the growing number of horses that are no longer wanted or needed, or whose owners are no longer capable of providing care for them, physically or financially.

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With the passing of each of our horses and ponies, I remember how I agonized and clung to the belief that freeing them of pain and disability was the most compassionate thing I could do.

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The often tumultuous world of horse rescue is most certainly a rollercoaster ride at best – from glorious victories to crushing failures, to those long nights with a colicking horse, to the utter confusion cloaking a mystery ailment – the ride our horses guide us on is never easy.

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Until last year, too often, there were times when little could be done to help the animal, especially if the owner resisted education and insisted he was caring adequately for a horse by providing the bare necessities of life.

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It was late August 2012. In Crawford County, Pennsylvania, Jessie Woodworth was eager to get home from work. She and her daughter, Loretta, had planned an evening ride. At home her husband, Bob, had checked the horses in their sixty acre pasture. Little Bit, their big Foundation Quarter Horse, was near the gate. But he could see no sign of their six-year-old Paint, Northstar. Assuming their daughter had already taken him out, he wasn’t too worried.

Seventeen Standardbred horses and one Miniature horse perished in a large barn fire in Langley, BC, on Sunday, June 1st. The barn was on the property of the All Seasons Mushroom Farm, which was being leased by Rick Mowles of JJJ Stables, owner of most of the horses.




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