Goldenwings Horseshoes

GoldenwingsHorseshoes, revolutionary horseshoes, unique horseshoes, horseshoe that supports sole and  outer structure of the hoof and hoof wall


Sound from the Ground Up!

For over 2,000 years, the quest for the golden ratio has expressed itself in mathematics, art, music, design, and nature. It is the universal perfect equation of harmonious proportions that governs the universe. It is seen in a pentagon, the spiral pattern of leaves, the Mosque of Uqba, Salvador Dali’s “The Sacrament of the Last Supper.” And it is seen in a horse’s frog.

GoldenwingsHorseshoes in New River, Arizona has revolutionized horseshoe design with the intent of creating perfect hoof balance starting with the frog. In the design of the unique horseshoe, the frog is exposed to allow it to have contact with the ground to provide shock absorption and traction while acting as a pump to move blood through the hoof.

These unique horseshoes are the first and only shoe that allows the sole and the outer structure of the hoof and wall to be supported and used as nature intended in a barefoot horse. The shoe provides connectivity for the entire hoof structure.

GoldenwingsHorseshoes, revolutionary horseshoes, unique horseshoes, horseshoe that supports sole and  outer structure of the hoof and hoof wall

With the exception of the frog, the shoe covers the entire foot. They are uniquely designed with a concave area directly above the tip of the coffin bone to flex and absorb shock like a catcher’s mitt for baseball players. The concave area also encourages a thin layer of dirt to accumulate, providing additional padding on contact. The greater area that is covered by the shoe aids in the prevention of stone bruising, a frequent cause of lameness when horses land on sharp objects. The shoe actually provides more square centimetres of hoof protection than that given by a conventional shoe, while allowing the foot to function as naturally as possible. Yet, it is light in weight, slightly over three ounces (about 85 grams). 

As weight is placed on the hoof, pressure is simultaneously transferred onto the digital cushion and to the frog. The frog and the heel contact the ground first. The frog presses up on the digital cushion, flattening under the pressure and is forced outward within the hoof capsule. It pushes against the bars and the flexible hoof capsule. When the hoof is lifted, the frog and other flexible structures within the hoof quickly return to their normal position. The horseshoe works in concert with these physical properties.

The shoe is designed to provide protection for the entire hoof structure from hoof to spine, and to fit from the heel buttress forward since this is where the most impact occurs during each stride. It allows the entire foot of the horse to become the bearing surface as it lands.

The horseshoes are unique in that they eliminate long toes and low heels. GoldenwingsHorseshoes believes it is important for farriers fitting the shoes to understand proper trimming, measuring and fitting. Using the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci numbers found throughout nature, and Di Vinci’s Canon of Proportions can help achieve hoof balance for each specific horse naturally. 

For more information on this unique horseshoe, watch this video or visit GoldenwingsHorseshoes.

Photo: Shutterstock/Taylon

Goldenwings Horseshoes - Sound from the Ground Up!



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