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The Benefits of Slow Feeding, a Natural Feeding Position

By Margaret Evans

Slow feeders are becoming increasingly valued by horse owners, especially those with horses whose feeding habits needs to be regulated and/or monitored. Slow feeders let horses nibble their way through feeding at a slower pace, allowing for better digestion. Another benefit is significantly less waste.

KiwiFeeder™, based in North Vancouver, markets the KiwiFeeder and the HelixFeeder. Both products are made in Canada and durable in any climate. The feeders are made from high-density polyethylene with stainless steel fasteners throughout. The KiwiFeeder has been on the market for six years and the HelixFeeder for two-and-a-half years. Both have gained in customer popularity for their design simplicity, ease of use, durability, and reasonable price.

“The KiwiFeeder is designed as a soaking feeder,” says Shawn, the company owner. “It was designed for horses that have or are prone to laminitis, or horses that are sensitive to sugars or dust. Its unique drainage design allows hay to be soaked and fed within the feeder while separating the debris and dirt from the hay the horse eats. It works with all types of hay and does not require any special arrangement of hay to make it work. No other feeder on the market works like it.”

Shawn says that the HelixFeeder is another revolutionary design. It combines the durability of a rigid feeder with collapsibility and portability. The standard-size HelixFeeder can hold up to 60 pounds of hay. When loaded, it stands 68 cm (27 inches) tall. With just 10 pounds of hay, the feeder is 20 cm (8 inches) tall. The name comes from the semi-rigid helical coil that controls the feeder’s unique operation.

“The feeder can be loaded with hay in under a minute,” says Shawn. “It is safe for shod horses and, unlike a hay net, can be put on the ground to promote a natural grazing position. The HelixFeeder can also be hung in a trailer or stall and used in a horizontal position. There is no hay loss from the sides of the feeder - paddocks and stalls stay clean. Hay can also be soaked.”

It can be used with any size horse or animal. The horse has complete visibility while eating from the HelixFeeder because its eyes are always above the top edge. It weighs just 4.5 kg (10 pounds) when empty and can easily be packed into a trailer.  

“There has been a constant move to slow feeding for the benefit of both horses and horse owners,” says Shawn. “They eliminate the need for more frequent feedings [thus] saving time, and they mimic the horse’s natural behaviour to graze and eat more slowly.”

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Main image: The HelixFeeder is collapsible, durable, and easily transportable.

KiwiFeeder and HelixFeeder - Benefits of Slow Feeding


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