Kix’ N’ Bux Riding Coat


Source: Kix’ N’ Bux Cowboy Clothing Company Inc.

Remember the days when the first oilskin riding coats came on the market? They were a real bonus in bad weather, but they were heavy and sometimes awkward to wear when riding.  

At Kix’ N’ Bux in Alberta, Tammy and Carl McGovern market a new and much improved riding coat that is lightweight and supple. It is ideal whether trail riding, chasing cattle, competing, or working around the barn at home. It is designed to not only keep you dry but keep your saddle warm and dry, too. 

The front of the coat expands forward over the saddle horn and onto the horse’s shoulders, and a generous expansion at the back covers the cantle. Snaps adjust for high or low-withered horses or saddle gullets, and a snap at the bottom of the coat lets you lift it off the ground when walking or working in muddy corrals. It is full-length with a large, roomy fit because of the unique needs when mounted. Because the coat is not street-wear in the classic sense, the sleeves are longer than normal to allow for arms to be forward in the natural position for riding.

Thought went into pocket design – they are angled for easy access. Chest pockets are zippered with interior access (great for carrying a cell phone), and the cargo pockets are deep enough for gloves.

The coat is waterproof, durable, machine washable, and will not get stiff, smelly, or heavy. It is made of 450-denier nylon shell, which allows it to remain supple while withstanding cold temperatures. A tall, fleece-lined collar adds warmth and comfort against bitter winds.

The seams are fully sealed against leakage and, on warmer days, underarm zippers open for breathability. The waterproof DuPont™ coated fabric has superior tear strength. 

The coat comes in all sizes and three colours, and makes a practical Christmas gift! 

For more information and to find your local retailer, visit the Kix’ N’ Bux Cowboy Clothing Company website. 

Product Profile: Kix’ N’ Bux Riding Coat


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