The New Santa Barbara Shank from Tom Balding


Source: Tom Balding Bits & Spurs

The new 2018 Santa Barbara shank finds inspiration in the Vaquero style that is part of California’s history. These beautifully crafted bits feature our Santa Barbara© shank in a brown finish with silver engraved plates and dots. The long shank measures eight inches and the short shank measures six inches.

Santa Barbara short shank, in a brown finish with silver engraved plates and dots.

Tom Balding grew up in California and began welding the day he graduated from high school. He started his own company and for almost ten years, he made sailboat equipment and was a certified aircraft welder for the US government. In 1980, he bought a piece of land outside Buffalo, Wyoming. Then in 1984, a woman asked him to weld a broken bit. From that moment on, Balding knew he would design and fabricate bits and spurs.

In 1998, a world champion horseman started using Balding’s bits. Word got around the horse circuits that Balding’s bits were the best that money could buy. Before long, he built his shop in Sheridan, Wyoming.

Santa Barbara long shank.

His business may have expanded to thousands of orders, but he maintains quality control and treats his small staff like family.

Tom Balding’s core values: 

  • Quality and pride in everything we do 
  • Care and respect for one another and the community 
  • Elite product that sets the standard in our industry
  • Attention to craftmanship, design, and materials

Tom and his staff look forward to hearing from you. For more information, please visit the Tom Balding Bits & Spurs website

Tom Balding: The New Santa Barbara Shank




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