Product Review By Sonja Beale, Canadian Horse Journal

solo ride, hairy back ranch, how to mount a horseThe Solo-Ride arrived in a box covered with pictorial instructions, and included a fanny pack (with lots of pockets) in which to store the Solo-Ride while riding. The Solo-Ride itself is comprised of thick nylon webbing that creates the support system, a folding stirrup that is made of lightweight aluminum, and a padded strap that can be used for additional padding either on the wither or under the leg. The nylon webbing adjusts in two places and allows for maximum customization for different size horses. The Solo-Ride loops around one leg and over the back/wither and hangs down with a stirrup.

After setting the Solo-Ride up on my horse, I spent a few minutes putting my weight in and out of the stirrup. My horse is still green but quickly adjusted to the new pressure and I was able to mount within five minutes.

I made my first attempt while my horse was already tacked up. With the Solo-Ride lying to the right side of my stirrup (similar to using a step-stool) I put my right foot into the Solo-Ride’s stirrup, then my left foot into my saddle’s stirrup which allowed me to mount easily. I used the padded band that comes with the Solo-Ride over the cantle of my saddle to protect the leather from the nylon webbing.

To mount bareback, I lengthened both of the adjustable straps so I could reach the stirrup from the ground, and again I mounted easily, then folded the Solo-Ride into the fanny pack so it was neatly out of the way.

Ever since I first saw the Solo-Ride I had wanted to try it, and now I am excited for nicer weather so I can test the Solo-Ride out on the trail. It is exciting to see such a unique product on the market, and I will make sure that mine stays around the barn from now on.

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This article originally appeared in the 2015 Equine Consumers’ Guide.



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