Renew Your 2020 Membership or Join Horse Council BC Today!

Horse Council BC (HCBC) is the provincial organization for equestrian sport and recreation in the province. HCBC also represents the interests of the equine industry in all sectors throughout British Columbia and connects and strengthens the BC horse community.

hcbc membership renewal, horse council bc, hcbc awards 2019

Photo: Shutterstock/Alexander Rochau

By joining HCBC, you are showing your support for:

  • The right to ride
  • Horse welfare in BC
  • The BC horse industry
  • A nationally accredited coaching program
  • Financial support for the industry
  • The preservation of BC trail systems
  • Quality science-based education

Membership benefits include:

  • Automatic insurance
  • Exclusive membership discounts
  • Access to online courses
  • Ability to apply for grants and funding
  • Support for the BC equestrian community
  • Additional CapriCMW insurances available for purchase to HCBC members only

Renew for 2020 Coverage Now!

  • 2020 Youth Associate – $47.00 (with tax)
  • 2020 Adult Member – $62.00 (with tax)
  • 2020 Family – $150.00 (with tax)

We want to inform you of an increase to the cost of memberships, which will take effect as each membership comes up for renewal. This modest adjustment is our first in five years, and by restricting the amount of the increase, we seek to keep HCBC memberships affordable while maintaining and improving our programming. All of us at HCBC feel grateful to be able to rely on your continued support.

For new or lapsed members, we also have a special promotion to join for 2019 and 2020 and receive a discounted rate on the remainder of 2019! Get both years for:

  • 2019/2020 Youth Associate – $62.75 (with tax)
  • 2019/2020 Adult Member – $77.75 (with tax)
  • 2019/2020 Family – $197.25 (with tax)

2019 HCBC Award Nominations

Does someone you know deserve special recognition? HCBC’s Annual Awards honour outstanding achievement within BC’s equine community. These awards acknowledge those who stand out from the crowd and have made a positive impact on the equestrian community.

hcbc membership renewal, horse council bc, hcbc awards 2019

Liz Sanders, president of HCBC, presents the prestigious Sherman Olson Lifetime Achievement Award to Rick Fillmore. Photo: Trail News

The following categories are available for nominations:

Coach of the Year – This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding professionalism, leadership, and mentoring skills in a coaching role overseeing a team(s) or individual(s) at any level in any recognized equestrian discipline during the year.

Bob James Volunteer of the Year – This award recognizes an individual (senior or junior) who has demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment to BC’s equestrian community and/or sport in any recognized discipline. No athletic achievement is necessary.

Sherman Olson Lifetime Achievement Award – The recipient of this prestigious award must be a BC resident having achieved prominence through commitment and hard work, in turn positively impacting BC’s equine industry and inspiring others. This award is only awarded when warranted and is not necessarily awarded every year.

 All individuals nominated MUST be members of Horse Council BC in good standing. Nomination forms can be found on and must be submitted to no later than December 30, 2019.


hcbc membership renewal, horse council bc, hcbc awards 2019

Main Photo: HCBC’s Bob James Volunteer of the Year Award recipient for 2018 was Margot Vilvang (right). She was presented her award by HCBC Board Director Lisa Mander (left) at Southlands Riding Club in Vancouver this past spring. Photo courtesy of HCBC



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