By Linda Hazelwood

A Fall Full of Education

Manitoba Horse Council (MHC) is moving forward on its coaching practices for the fall of 2020. Many coaches are extremely competent, and have successful coaching careers coming up through the ranks without the formal recognition required for Equestrian Canada certification. But going forward, that formal recognition will be required as Safe Sport demands receive wider understanding from the public. A survey in September showed that many prospective coaches were uneasy about attending in-person group seminars and training. But they knew they needed the training to be able to challenge Rider Levels examinations prior to applying for evaluation as Instructors or Competition Coaches and Specialists. A conundrum.

So, MHC’s ever-resourceful Coaching Committee put their heads together and came up with a series of 13 video presentations to help candidates understand what was needed.

October saw two Zoom meetings explaining what is required to challenge the higher English and Western Rider Levels, which are prerequisites for Coach Evaluations, and a further Zoom meeting to discuss how to go about becoming certified.

These are followed in November by a series of ten Zoom “Mini Master Classes” covering a broad range of topics from boots and bandages, conformation, soundness, teeth, and lunging for English and Western coaches. Registration is open through MHC’s Facebook page, or on MHC’s website under Coaching Courses and Upgrades

An additional webinar will be featured at our annual Coach Appreciation Night, on Monday, November 30th. Three renowned Manitoba veterinarians are meeting to discuss Common Sport Injuries, Vet and Management Care. The webinar is free to all, but preregistration is required. Certified coaches who practice in Manitoba (from all certifications, including CHA, CanTRA, etc.) will receive a $10 Tim Horton’s gift voucher, and be able to “chat” virtually with the coaches. All others are welcome to audit, with the same preregistration requirement.

MHC thanks the Coaching Committee for their resourcefulness and hard work in coming up with these events, members of the Board for their active support and participation, and also Sport Manitoba for their advice and financial and logistical support.

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Photo: Shutterstock/Vera Zinkova



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