Product Review: Equiwinner™

Equiwinner natural electrolyte balancing system

Equiwinner natural electrolyte balancing system

By April D. Ray

An adult horse’s body is comprised of approximately 70 percent water, and all bodily functions depend on the conductivity of fluids in and around cells. Because electrolytes conduct electricity and manage all bodily fluids, good health depends upon correct electrolyte levels working properly in order to maintain optimum balance in the body. Proper electrolyte activity keeps horses hydrated for improved general health and performance. 

As stated on the website of the distributor, Signal-Health, Equiwinner™ is a patented, non-transdermal patch that works as a natural electrolyte balancing system. It ensures that the electrolytes in the horse’s body, which are involved in every physiological process, are working properly. A treatment of 10 days can be effective for months and even up to a full year.

Knowing that this product is completely safe and easy to use, I was keen to try the Equiwinner™ patches for my mare, Fire Foot MR5, in an effort to help her reach optimum health. In the past year, Fire has transitioned from living in a herd situation to being stabled and turned out in a paddock. During this time she experienced a bout of gastric ulcers and has also gone through OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) surgery. Naturally, I am willing to do everything I can to keep her happy and healthy.

My mare can be pretty sensitive but didn’t mind the patches at all. Even with a winter coat, the patches stayed put and were easy to remove and reapply over the course of the treatment. After a few days, I noticed less static when putting on or removing her blankets. I also started to get comments on how shiny her coat was, and those comments keep coming. She also seems to be less itchy, as prior to the treatment she had a tendency to stop and scratch frequently.

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Fire and April D. Ray who tested and reviewed Equiwinner™ patches.

While those are just the results I can see on the outside, I am confident that there are more impactful ones taking place on the inside as a result of the Equiwinner™ patches. This is definitely a product I will add to our program as an annual treatment to ensure optimum health and performance. As Fire’s career progresses and we start traveling and attending shows, I can really see the value of using Equiwinner™ to help ensure that she is always at her best.      

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