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Maximum Absorption Joint Support Formula

Actistatin® is a proprietary, patented formula consisting of all-natural ingredients that protect against gastric shock, resulting in higher levels delivered into the bloodstream.

Gastric shock protection is important because the stomach needs to satisfy its own energy needs. Glucosamine is a simple protein and a good metabolite for energy.

Most glucosamines, particularly the HCl form that is used in most joint supplements, are not well absorbed. US-based GLC Direct, LLC is the only company to address this problem.

How does Actistatin® work?

Actistatin® raises the alkalinity of the digestive environment and allows more active ingredients to achieve first-pass metabolism, including glucosamine and chondroitin.

The potent, fast-acting Actistatin® Equine is the “second generation” joint support derived from the original GLC 5500 formula, combining all four glucosamines plus chondroitin with the patented Actistatin® Blend to increase absorption to the bloodstream from 26 percent (GLC 5500) to 63 percent.

It is clinically proven to triple hyaluronan production and quality — viscosity, elasticity, clarity of synovial fluid — in the first four weeks, with continuing improvement through 24 weeks.

Actistatin® Equine is formulated for any horse that experiences joint discomfort, and is ideal for long-term joint maintenance, preventative and otherwise.

Actistatin® Equine helps relieve normal joint stiffness due to training, exercise, age, etc., free radical damage, and normal inflammatory responses, and helps support healthy joints and bones.

Actistatin® Equine is certified by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) that verifies the quality of ingredients, production processes, and product claims.

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Imported and distributed by Del-Bac Sales, Ltd., Delhi, Ontario Canada.

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Actistatin Equine



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