Goldenwings Horseshoes

Goldenwings Horseshoes
Contact Name: Fred
49012 N. 3rd Ave
New River, Arizona, USA
The Goldenwings Horseshoe is a new, innovative shoe that is lightweight and flexible. This horseshoe provides traction without slipping and sole protection. The shoes flex with the hoof upon impact while allowing the frog to engage with the terrain. Goldenwings Horseshoes are made in the United States using molds that produce consistent sizing, uniformity of weight, thickness, nail placement and resiliency. Imagine a shoe that protects the coffin bone, reduces leverage, may prohibit stone bruising and adds protection to the easily injured deep flexor tendon. Our mission is to provide for and preserve the integrity of the entire structure of the horse – Stay Sound My Friend.

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Horse Health: Hoof Care
Disciplines: All
Breeds: All
Posted: Apr 12, 2019




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