Contact Name: Cheryl McKenna
Elora, Ontario, Canada
ZenA-min is a vitamin and mineral supplement for horses. Developed and manufactured in Ontario, Canada, ZenA-min is a unique blend of quality minerals from several sources based on our original, 16 year old formula. Using the latest and most up to date ingredients including chelated vitamins, minerals, Biotin, Methionine and Anti-oxidants, ZenA-min has proven to be extremely bio-available to the body.

Many benefits include; better respiration, healthy foot growth, more energy, improved coat and skin and condition.

Quantity fed is the only difference between the average horse and the performance horse or one with issues.

ZenA-min is GMO free and is safe and legal for showing and racing.
Cheryl McKenna
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Horse Health: Alternative Medicine, Hoof Care, Supplements
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Posted: Sep 19, 2016


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