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By Cpl E.A. Turco, RCMP Livestock Investigator - Your worst nightmare has come true. Your horse is missing. Calm down and breathe. First, has he gotten out of his enclosure and maybe just strayed?

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Would a market for horsemeat reduce a welfare crisis? Should restaurants offer lukba on the menu? What about basashi? Or sauerbraten? And what about the celebrated French dish countrefilet? Other dishes they could offer might be kazy, umido, charqui, or sate jaran.

In 2013, a scandal broke out in Europe and the United Kingdom when horsemeat was discovered in a number of beef burger products. Very quickly, horsemeat was detected in a variety of other meat products, leading to the destruction of food worth millions of dollars after it was removed from supermarket shelves.

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Horse insurance initially began as protection against horse theft. Today, it has evolved into a service that offers horse owners a variety of choices from basic mortality policies to loss-of-use packages for high-end athletes. With all these options, choosing a policy that is right for you and your horse can be challenging, says Manning.

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Horse ownership comes with a considerable expenditure of time, dedication, and money. Managing a horse on a tight budget isn’t easy. Cutting corners in any way that could compromise your horse’s health and welfare is never the solution to saving money.

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Regardless of the size of your horse business or advertising space booked, the same basic advertising criteria have proved essential to a successful campaign. As the saying goes, a bad product is more likely to be bought with a good advertisement; but a good product won’t be bought with a bad advertisement.